Instrument cable - 20AWG - 1 x 0.50mm²


• Enormously powerful and clear sound image for bass, guitar, and keyboard due to the special stranding and a wire diameter of 0.50 mm²

• Double shielding due to the combination of copper braided shield and semiconductor shielding

• Very flexible and easy to wind due to the use of fine individual stranding

• Durability and robustness due to a special high quality PVC for the jacket

• Strain relief and good protection against bending due to the thick PVC-jacket


• High quality guitar cable for studio and stage

• Unbalanced cable for keyboards, samplers, mixing boards, etc.

• Connection of stereo video recorder and DAT-recorder

Cable Colour

• Black 

• Blue

Technical Data

Jacket, diameter 
PVC 7.0 mm
No. of inner conductors
1 x 0.5 mm²
Copper strand per conductor
28 x 0.15 mm tin plated copper
Conductor insulation
PE 2.40 mm

tin plated copper braided 

shielding with 128 x 0.10mm 

+ semiconductor

Shielding factor
100 %
Temperature range
min.-20 °C
Temperature range
max.70 °C
100/300 m roll

Electrical Data

Capac. cond./shield. per 1 m
78 pF
Cond. resistance per 1 km
39 Ω
Insulation resist. per 1 km
> 1 GΩ


Wooden drum packaging

Carton drum packaging

Plastic drum packaging

Film packaging

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