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Unique Fuzz Crush, Insane & Thick Sounds
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Design Concept

This product is designed as a notorious Fuzz effect, one that stands apart from the infamous FF, TB, and Muff Fuzz effects. While it only has three simple controls on its panel, don't be deceived by this little creature named FURFUR. Its unleashed power can shake your world. 
Stoner? Sludge? Doom? These genres are a piece of cake for it. 
Of course, it also has a gentle side – with the Body control, it's known for its exceptional 'clean up' ability. With three carefully selected frequency settings, you can effortlessly conjure the Fuzz sound in your mind. And by the way, we allow you to adjust its BIAS, so you might as well save your money on buying a distortion effect.


• A fuzz sound unlike FF, TB and Muff
• A vast range of gain adjustment
• Extremely low background noise
• Discrete circuit (no op-amps)
• Wide voltage input range of 9-18V, each voltage level offering a unique character
• Three distinct EQ options for different styles
• The Body control - the only way to tame it
• Bias control –turned fully clockwise, it mutates into a distortion
• Immune to temperature and signal chain order effects
• FUR FUR FUR......
  (That’s what FURFUR made us write)

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