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Two Channel ∙ Class A Buffer ∙ Fuzz Partner
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Design Concept

This product is designed as a one-to-two signal buffer effect, both A and B channels utilize a fully discrete Class A circuit, delivering exceptional buffering performance and responsive touch together with field-effect transistors. However, being an outstanding buffer splitter is just one of its label, we aim to revolutionize the habit of not being able to connect traditional Fuzz effect. 
When the B channel is set to “For Fuzz”, those infamous Fuzz effects can finally be flexibly integrated into various positions in the signal chain! Plus, we offer various adjustment options to make the interaction between Fuzz chains more friendly.


• Class A fully discrete circuit
• Dual-buffer structure primarily composed of field-effect transistors
• Wide voltage input range of 9-18V for high headroom
• One-to-two splitter with independent output indicators
• B channel switchable to “For Fuzz”, providing signal buffering for traditional Fuzz effects
• “For Fuzz” mode offers two different tonal flavors
• “For Fuzz” mode simulates standard instrument cable length of 3m, 6m and 12m
• “For Fuzz” mode allows adjustment of input signal level

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